Father's Day 2015
  • Jun 22, 2015 6:00 pm
  • 56:40 mins

Exploring fatherhood with Michael McCarty, Syd Lieberman, Kirk Waller, Donna Washington and more. Stories included in this episode: Michael McCarty Story: That's My Baby Teller:  Michael McCarty Site: www.havemouthwillrunit.com Notes: Michael recounts what it's like to cultivate a father-daughter relationship. Dolores Hydock Story: Independence Teller:  Dolores Hydock Site: www.storypower.org Notes: Reflecting on the gifts given on Father's Day, Dolores explores what gifts a father gives his family. Donna Washington Story: Little Red Teller:  Donna Washington Site: www.donnawashington.com Notes: A special childhood recording of Donna's father telling a story. Madeline Pots Song: The Neponsit Caper Teller:  Madeline Pots Site: www.madelinelpots.com Notes: The difference between mothers and fathers... or at least Madeline's mother and father. Kirk Waller Story: The Prodigal Son Teller:  Kirk Waller Site: kirkwaller.com Notes: A dynamic retelling of a familiar father-son story.  Syd Lieberman Story: The Lieberman Children's Symphony Teller:  Syd Lieberman Site: www.sydlieberman.com Notes: Syd introduces his children to classical music.  Kevin Kling Story: Dad's Trip to Europe Teller:  Kevin Kling Site: www.kevinkling.com Notes: Parents spend their whole lives fussing over their children, and soon, those children start fussing over their parents.