Unexpected Resolutions
  • Jun 8, 2017 6:00 am
  • 58:00 mins

Whether nestled in reality or fantasy this episode contains stories that will pull the rug out from underneath you, leaving you on your back, your head, or rolling around the floor the outcome is so abrupt and unxpected. Stories in this episode include: Emma May Met Her Match One Day by Nathalie Vachon (1:57) Emma May changes her routine and gets to witness a magnificient parade, although not everyone else around her sees the same thing. Learn more about Nathalie Vachon, who often paints works of art to accompany her stories, by visiting www.nathalievachon.com How Beetle Got Her Colors by Glenda Bonin (12:08) A Brazilian take on the Tortoise and the Hare. Glenda Bonin has five CDs worth of recorded stories and you can learn more about them and Glenda by visiting www.storyworksgroup.com Pat Divers by Len Cabral (19:58) Pat Divers is a fixer who finds himself in a pickle when some frightening figures find him hiding in a barn. Learn more about Len Cabral, who was awarded the Circle of Excellence Oracle Award in 2001 by the National Storytelling Network, by visiting www.lencabral.com On a Dark and Stormy Night by Mitch Weiss & Martha Hamilton (29:46) Every time a storm rolls in a ghoulish lady with bright red lips and bright red fingernails appears at the window. Do you dare to find out what she does with those red lips and red fingernails? Mitch Weiss and his wife, Martha Hamilton, are a storytelling duo who've produced albums together and are known as Beauty and the Beast Storytellers - although they won't say who's who. Learn more about them by visiting beautyandthebeaststorytellers.com An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge by Syd Lieberman (34:53) A confederate sympathizer is about to meet his doom at the end of the Civil War when something occurs before his hanging...During his lifetime Syd won the Chicago Gold Apple Award for his work as a high school English teacher. Learn more about the late Syd Lieberman by visiting www.sydlieberman.com Sledding Punchbowl by Makia Malo (44:55) An epic sledding adventure that surpasses reality. Makia Malo was diagnosed with Hansen's disease at a young age and wrote a book entitled My Name is Makia: A Memoir of Kalaupapa that touches on that experience. You can find the book on Amazon. The Mexican Pet by David Holt & Bill Mooney (54:09) Treating animals with kindness is important. Knowing what kind of animal it is your interacting with is just as important, if not more so. Learn more about David Holt by visiting www.davidholt.com

Episode Segments