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Baby Boomer

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Baby Boomers

Episode: Baby Boomers

  • Jul 27, 2022 6:00 am
  • 12:36 mins

Each generation likes to poke fun of the other, even blame each other for the problems we face today. However, we know this isn’t going to get us anywhere. Instead, we should try to better understand each other and learn what makes us all unique. So today we wanted to focus on the Baby Boomer generation. You may have heard your kid say “Ok, Boomer” on more than one occasion. This phrase was coined by younger generations to mock or dismiss the "“outdated” or “close-minded” opinions of older people born in the post-World War Two baby boom. This obviously angers Baby Boomers who often retort that younger generations are entitled and lazy. So, we’ve invited Amy Lynch, generational speaker, researcher, author, and Baby Boomer herself to help us understand her generation.