A Nuclear Iran

A Nuclear Iran

Top of Mind with Julie Rose

Nuclear Iran, Opposites Attract, Hollywood Diversity

Episode: Nuclear Iran, Opposites Attract, Hollywood Diversity

  • Mar 31, 2015 9:00 pm
  • 18:39 mins

(1:06) Guest: Eric Hyer, BYU political science professor Nuclear negotiations with Iran are TOP OF MIND today. The US and five other nations are extending their deadline by one more day, hoping to get the framework of a deal in place with Iran over its nuclear capabilities. Iran is looking to have the US and European nations lift trade sanctions that have crippled its economy for years. If they settle on a framework for the deal, it still won’t be final until this summer. The negotiations have already gone on for more than 18 months, missing several earlier deadlines, but supporters say abandoning the process is not an option. They raise the specter of a “nuclear Iran” that could threaten prospects for stability in the Middle East.