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Another Elderly Nazi Collaborator Faces Trial in Germany

Top of Mind with Julie Rose
  • Oct 6, 2021
  • 16:55
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A 96-year-old woman in Germany skipped town last week to avoid going on trial for her role as a secretary in a Nazi death camp during World War II. Police issued an arrest warrant and picked up Irmgard Furchner a few hours later. She’ll be back in court later this month facing charges that, as a secretary at the Stutthof concentration camp, she aided and abetted the murder of more than 10,000 people. Why only now, is she being put on trial? Amherst College law professor Lawrence Douglas is here to explain. He’s the author of “The Right Wrong Man: John Demjanjuk and the Last Great Nazi War Crimes Trial.” (Segment produced by Sam Faulconer) (AP Photo/Markus Schreiber, Pool) Show More...