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“Thrivers:” How to Help Your Kids Thrive and Be Resilient

The Lisa Show
  • Sep 30, 2021
  • 14:37
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Kids these days are facing an unprecedented number of demands on their time and energy. From increased demands to excel in their academics and extracurricular actives in hopes of getting scholarships for college, to social pressure to always be present online, it seems like our teens are always on the run. But keeping up with this fast paced world can take a toll on your kids mental and emotional health. So, as parents, what can we do to help raise a generation of resilient kids? How can we help them rise to the demands of our ever-evolving world? Today we have world renown psychologist, educator, and author, Michele Borba here to share with tips on how raise a generation of resilient and happy kids as found in her book “Thrivers.” Show More...