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Dr. Seuss and Philosophy

The Lisa Show
  • Aug 2, 2021 12:00 pm
  • 16:40

At first glance, Dr. Seuss stories offer very poetic and lyrical stories of imaginative worlds and whimsical characters. However, these books are considered timeless classics not only for their outlandish rhymes, made up words, and distinct illustrations, but in their ability to portray complex moral dilemmas in a way that even a child could understand them. From Horton discovering the very essence of life to the Lorax teaching us about morality, Theodor Geisel used his unique writing style to help his young audience explore various philosophical concepts. To help us better understand all that Dr. Suess novels have to offer us is Jacob M. Held, professor of philosophy and author of the book, “Dr. Seuss and Philosophy: Oh, the Thinks you can Think!”