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Why Our Brain is Playing Tricks on Us

The Lisa Show
  • Jun 24, 2021
  • 15:49
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Our own brains like to play tricks on us. You’re looking for that bottle of milk in the fridge and you look behind all the other products and corners just to realize it’s staring right back at you front and center. We all know the feeling of looking for something that’s right in front of us. But that’s not the only trick our brain knows. In fact, many times we do just the opposite and believe we see things that aren’t even there. So why does our brain play these different games with us, instead of just helping us find and understand truth? Today we are talking with Susan A. Nolan about why this happens and how we can prevent it. Susan is a professor in the department of Psychology at Seton Hall University, as well as the 2021 President of the Society for the Teaching of Psychology. Show More...