Inner Sanctum: Detour to Terror

The Apple Seed
  • Oct 23, 2021
  • 56:50
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Have you ever heard a story that raised the hair on your arms or sent shivers down your spine? Have you ever heard a story that made courage rise up inside you and inspired you to go do that thing you were afraid of? In today's stories, you'll hear an old-time radio drama about the adventures of a pair of twins and their dog as they try to survive the night, a story on the trials and tribulations of trying to talk to your crush (because what could be scarier than that?), and a story on the inner workings of a prison. Enjoy the following: "Mamá, Mamá, Ayúdame!" by Barry Stewart Mann from The Improbable Love of Ethel and Elmer and Other Offbeat Tales of Romance (2:36) The Radio Family Journal: "Bella's Hats" by Sam Payne (16:45) The Daily Mix: "Harry Potter" with Cole Wissinger (22:38) "Inner Sanctum: Detour to Terror" by OTR (31:38) "The Night That Everything Changed" by Geraldine Buckley from Destination? Slammer! (47:26) Illustration by Sònia Albert, © Sònia Albert Show More...