Everyday Heroes

Everyday Heroes

The Lisa Show - Radio Archive, Episode 582 , Segment 8

Episode: Purpose and Passion, Petitions, Kitchen Organization, Women in STEM, Board Games, Snail Mail, World's Largest Frying Pan, Everyday Heroes

  • Nov 3, 2020 1:00 pm
  • 12:58 mins

What makes someone a hero to you? Oftentimes when we hear the word hero, we think of masks and capes and incredible superpowers. But what about the unsung heroes that are on the frontlines in hospitals, grocery stores, and on the road delivering packages just to name a few? During these quarantine times, these people have gone above and beyond, putting their lives at risk to make our lives easier. Recently, Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter Jim Brickman released a new song celebrating these heroes in our lives and the impact that their work has on us. We have him here with us on the phone to talk about his brand new song, “Everyday Heroes”.

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