Western Civilization
  • Sep 25, 2020 1:00 am
  • 56:50 mins

Do you want to travel the world? What about travel through time? In today’s story, Dolores Hydock meets a woman named Ms. Thomas who gives Dolores a tour through her home which feels more like a tour through the history of western civilization itself and gives her a new appreciation for art. We’ll also hear stories from Andy Offutt Irwin and Margaret Read MacDonald. On today's episode, enjoy the following: “Western Civilization” by Dolores Hydock on Perfect Match (25:25) Dolores is a gardening enthusiast, so on her trip through southern Alabama when she discovers these beautiful plants she has to talk to Ms. Thomas the woman who planted the wonderful foliage. But Dolores learns a lot more from Ms. Thomas than just how to garden. “Generational Revenge” by Andy Offutt Irwin on Risk Assessment (11:16) Andy’s Aunt Marguerite creates more crazy situations when she prevents her daughter from learning the trumpet, a choice that had repercussions lasting through generations. “Little Boy Frog and Little Boy Snake” by Margaret Read MacDonald on Fat Cat and Friends (8:17)  In this folk tale from Nigeria, little boy frog and little boy snake meet at the mountain top and become friends which leads to important questions about who we see as friends and enemies.  Radio Family Journal: "AP Biology" (5:52) In this reflection sparked by Dolores Hydock's "Western Civilization", Sam talks about how peer pressure led him to enroll in an AP Biology class.