Silly and Smart

Silly and Smart

The Apple Seed

  • Jul 21, 2016 7:26 pm
  • 57:15 mins
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Do you believe that some people make their own luck? Do you believe in dumb luck? Enjoy these stories of characters making their own dumb luck as they prove that foolishness can sometimes be the most foolproof way to get out of a sticky situation. Malawian Hippo Love Story A woman well-acquainted with stories, Ms. Sheila also incorporates great story moments from her own personal life within her repertoire. This story, taken from a memorable missions trip to Africa, will be sure to have you laughing by the end. To learn more about Sheila Arnold visit Sody Saluradus A Donna Washington variation on a classic Appalachian tale. Saleratus appeared on the market in 1840, replacing pearlash as a baking ingredient to produce rising in dough. By the start of the 1860s baking soda in turn replaced it. For a short time some people called the new baking soda ‘saleratus.’ This story, then, probably dates from that period when both terms were used simultaneously: “soda/saleratus.” To learn more about Donna Washington visit Clever Counting This Liberian story from Pam Faro comes from a collection of stories entitled "Why Didn't I Think of That?: Seeking Solutions- Some Sassy, Some Silly, Some Smart." You'll find that the animals in this story are indeed sassy, silly, and smart. To learn more about Pam Faro visit Silly Hans Randel McGee tells all sorts of Hans Christian Andersen stories, often using paper cutting on stage. This Hans Christian Andersen tale is all about a silly brother who is smart in some unexpected ways. To learn more about Randel McGee visit

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