Facing Fears
  • May 11, 2017 6:00 am
  • 53:46 mins

"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself" is a popular quote by Franklin D. Roosevelt. It illustrates how often our own minds make out a situation to be a lot worse than it actually is. Many of the stories in this episode involve taking a second look or continuing a journey to gain a new vantage point, causing us to think that fear may just be a matter of perspective. Except when it comes to spiders. Stories included in this episode: How I Got Bill the Chicken by Joel Ben Izzy (1:21) Joel's schoolmate claims to be fearless and one Halloween that statement is put to the test. An author as well as a storyteller, Joel Ben Izzy most recently published work is Dreidels on the Brain. Learn more about Joel Ben Izzy by visiting www.storypage.com Wash Me by Dolores Hydock (14:13) A friend of Dolores' is afraid of computers and the internet and refuses to have one in her home until a fateful sign occurs. Dolores Hydock won her first storytelling award when she was five and has been winning awards ever since. Learn more about Dolores Hydock by visiting http://www.storypower.org/ The Girl Who Wanted to Know How to Shiver by Ruth Halpern (17:08) Based on a Grimm fairytale a fearless girl embarks into the world asking her parents, a baker, a minister and his wife, and a prince try to teach her how to shiver. Ruth Halpern has traveled the world telling stories. She also enjoys drawing and photography. Learn more about Ruth Halpern by visiting www.ruthstory.com Fear by Dan Keding (33:51) A little girl decides to face a beast in order to help her village, cutting fear down to its actual size. A ballad singer and story teller, Dan Keding grew up listening to traditional Croatian stories his grandmother told him. Learn more about Dan Keding by visiting www.dankeding.com Spiders by Glenda Bonin (37:00) A little girl and her brother's response to a fear of spider shows that sometimes the way you react to what scares you matters. A poor response can lead to frightening consequences. Glenda is very involved with storytelling in her a community. She regularly tells at assisted living facilities and senior communities. Learn more about Glenda Bonin by visiting www.storyworksgroup.com What Buddha Sees by Motoko (47:26) Buddha guides on of his followers on a path to enlightenment but there are stumbling stones - bones - along the way. Motoko was featured on "Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood" and has won several awards. Learn more about Motoko by visiting motoko.folktales.net

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