A Refugee’s Story

A Refugee’s Story

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Congo Sole

Episode: Congo Sole

  • Jan 22, 2021 7:00 pm
  • 37:04 mins

Emmanuel Ntibonera’s childhood in the Democratic Republic of the Congo was plunged into chaos during the Great War of Africa. His family fled to their grandparents, and later became refugees in Kenya, where they spent years refiling their case to receive U.S. visas. Remembering his own struggle for survival, Emmanuel started a nonprofit to provide hope and mentoring for victims of war and conflict in Africa. One of their projects involved collecting 20,000 shoes to send to the Congo. Guest: Emmanuel Ntibonera, President of the Nitbonera Foundation and author of "Congo Sole: How a Once Barefoot Refugee Delivered Hope, Faith, and 20,000 Pairs of Shoes"