Aimee Nolte
  • Apr 8, 2019 12:00 pm
  • 47:28 mins
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Image result for aimee nolte Aimee Nolte is a jazz singer and pianist, visiting us from LA where she shines in the gigging scene as both a solo artist and the leader of a trio. While she’s primarily a jazz player, she brings her chops to music of all kinds – Aimee knows more than a thousand songs and can play them at the drop of a hat. Some of those songs have been captured in a growing catalog of recordings that have been called “deeply personal, captivating works of art.” In 2016, Aimee started her YouTube channel, "Aimee Nolte Music" where she shares music and music conversation with a large and growing family of subscribers and fans. the world. There, in cyberspace, she teaches things like harmony, arranging, advanced jazz piano techniques, and even beginning piano and vocal skills. Her visit to us on Highway 89 marks the release of a new album. About the album, she says she wants to create something that capitalizes on her jazz background, but “sees no limits, and stretches to include all flavors of music.” Learn more about her here: Songs featured on the show: The Loveliest Girl, Falling Snow, I've Gotta Get, Looking For Answers, Save Me One Last Time