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Hanukkah, Caring for Elderly Relatives, Success with Breastfeeding, Parental Leave, Holiday Boundaries, Shareable Holiday Baked Goods

The Lisa Show
  • Dec 3, 2019
  • 01:41:06
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Hanukkah (0:00:00) One of the great parts of the “holiday” season is that we can celebrate many holidays! From Diwali to Christmas to Hanukkah, there are so many reasons to celebrate. We are discussing Hanukkah and the Jewish tradition that this holiday brings to the “season’s greetings”. We are joined by Carolyn Greenberg, the Salt Lake City Jewish Community Center special events coordinator, to talk about this historical and significant holiday. Caring for Elderly Relatives (0:16:08) Who’s going over the river and through the woods to their grandmother’s house for the holidays?  While this is fun and exciting, it can sometimes be incredibly stressful on our elderly loved ones. How can we make the holidays as enjoyable for them as they are for us? Here with us to answer these questions is Amy Fuchs, a certified aging life care consultant and founder of the elder care consulting firm, The Elder Expert.   Success with Breastfeeding (0:32:39) Are you looking for help when it comes to breastfeeding? Baby Cafes are clinics throughout the country where women can get breastfeeding education and peer to peer support for free. Many women struggle with understanding their bodies when they are breastfeeding, and in-home consultations can be expensive, especially as you are dealing with the other expenses of raising a new baby. These support groups can be really insightful and helpful. We are joined by two lactation consultants Anne Tullis and Sherri Gunn, who are founders of their own business “Success with Breastfeeding”.  Parental Leave (0:50:29) Are you expecting a new baby? The months leading up to a new baby can be happy and exciting, and also extremely stressful—especially if you have to worry about work on top of everything else! So what can you do to navigate that complicated time of balancing work and a new baby?  Here to share some tips with us about making the most out of parental leave is Daisy Dowling, founder and CEO of Workparent, a training and consulting firm that supports working parents and the organizations that employ them. Holiday Boundaries (1:05:59) Between the monetary stress, the mess of decorations, and your in-laws breathing down your neck, the holidays can be a stressful time. But maybe it doesn’t need to be. Just like so many other parts of our lives, setting boundaries during the holidays may be just the thing to let us enjoy this time. Ganel-Lyn Condie has some suggestions on how we can do this. Ganel-Lyn is a friend of the show and motivational speaker and we’re happy to have her on the show to discuss this important topic. Shareable Holiday Baked Goods (1:25:47) One of the best ways to spread holiday cheer is by sharing delicious baked goods! Whether you’re leaving them on a front porch or bringing them to a party, holiday treats will brighten even the grumpiest of scrooges and grinches during this time of year. Are you in need of some holiday baking inspiration? James Schend is with us to give some great ideas for some shareable holiday baked goods! James is the deputy editor for Taste of Home. Show More...

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