Science of Fear
  • May 11, 2020 6:00 pm
  • 50:44 mins

Zombie Starfish Guest: Ian Hewson, Cornell University: biological oceanographer; Associate Professor, Microbiology; Program Coordinator, Marine Biology Sea stars have always seemed to have superpowers, growing back missing limbs. But a strange disease started killing them en masse in 2013, and scientists were baffled at how quickly these creatures were dying. Sea stars are still facing this pandemic, one that turns them into zombies, seemingly destroying their sense of fear, and leads quickly to their deaths.  Facing Fear Guest: Eva Holland, author, "Nerve: Adventures in the Science of Fear" After facing one of her greatest fears—losing her mother—Eva Holland went on a quest to learn what she could about the science of fear and to overcome her own fears and phobias. How can you face your fears?