Science Stories
  • Aug 23, 2017 6:00 am
  • 58:10 mins

While in the St. Louis area the Apple Seed made a visit to the Challenger Learning Center to explore the facility and to chat with Sherry Norfolk who tells regularly there. Bringing you content from an intersection of science and stories we hope you enjoy the following segments in this episode: A Conversation with Sherry Norfolk (4:50) Sherry regularly performs at the St. Louis Challenger Learning Center with stories that are rooted in the wonder of space and science. Learn more about Sherry Norfolk by visiting: Challenger Learning Center (17:30) Sam gets a tour of the Learning Center that was built to help make science more accessible to the surrounding community. Learn more about St. Louis Challenger Learning Center by visiting: Columbia by Sam Payne (32:28) A song that Sam wrote after the explosion of the space shuttle Columbia. Learn more about Sam Payne by visiting: Fifty Thousand Bees on My Head by Doug Elliott (38:30) A story from Doug Elliott's numerous nature excursions as well as a song, Sail on Honeybee. Learn more about Doug Elliott by visiting:

Episode Segments