• Apr 7, 2014 6:00 pm
  • 58:23 mins
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Stories and interviews included in this episode: Christopher Leebrick Story 1: Big Lake Sasquatch Teller: Christopher Leebrick Site: Notes: A young Chris Leebrick swears he and another scout saw Sasquatch one night. Cliff Barackman Interview 1: Cliff Barackman Site: Notes: Sam Payne spoke with Cliff, the host of Animal Planet's hit TV series Finding Bigfoot, about some of the research surrounding Sasquatch lore. Mitch Waite Interview 2: Mitch Waite Site: Notes: Mitch talks to Sam Payne about being changed from a Bigfoot sceptic to a believer. The Apple Seed Story 2: Squatchin' Site: Notes: This episode features audio from The Apple Seed team's adventure in Provo Canyon, an area that is notorious for Bigfoot sightings. Our studio sits in the valley below Provo Canyon where there have been many alleged Bigfoot sightings. We sent The Apple Seed team up the windy canyon to do some squatchin' and this episode features audio from their adventure.