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The Future of the Brain, Making Networking Easier, Eating like an NFL Player

The Lisa Show
  • Sep 25, 2018
  • 01:41:08

Important conversations and encouraging words to help you make every day a great one. The Future of the Brain (0:34) In the future, we will be able to send emails from our brains and take pictures with our eyes. At least, in one version of the future thought up by neuroscientist Sam Rodriques. In a TEDtalk he gave in 2017, Rodriques imagined a possible future where we are able to directly study the neurons inside our brains, which would allow us to better understand, treat, and prevent mental diseases. Sam Rodriques is a neuroengineer and PhD student in Physics at MIT. Making Networking Easier (17:58) Networking is crucial in today’s professional world, but it’s also often something we dread. It’s easy for it to feel more like a chore than an opportunity. But it’s possible to change networking from just a series of awkward encounters into a chance to create true friendships with new and interesting people. David Burkus is a best-selling author and associate professor of leadership and innovation at Oral Roberts University. Violent Video Games (36:38) Though the first violent video game controversy may have started in 1976 with the game ‘Death Race,’ today’s games are more graphic. The point of many of these games is to kill your virtual opponents. But there are conflicting answers among experts about how they affect the people that play them. Do violent video games lead to actual violence? Dr. Chris Ferguson is a Professor of Psychology at Stetson University and author of “Moral Combat: Why the War on Violent Video Games Is Wrong.” Talking About Bullying (53:48) As a parent, it’s hard to watch our children go through bullying. It can be difficult to know how to help, especially when our kids won’t open up to us. Signe Whitson says there is a way you can help: learn about bullying, and then teach your kids. Ms. Whitson is the author of 4 books on bully prevention, a licensed social worker, and the Director of Counseling at Swain School in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Eating Like an NFL Player (1:09:47) NFL players are among the most celebrated athletes in America—some might say they are also the healthiest. NFL players eat to compete in their sport and to stay on top of their game. Some NFL players use food strategies not only for optimal performance, but also to enhance their longevity in the game. Leslie Bonci is a registered dietitian, a specialist in sports nutrition and worked with the Pittsburgh Steelers as their sports dietitian and now with the Kansas City Chiefs. Developing Exercise Habits (1:27:50) Rod and Lisa discuss some ways to develop a healthy exercise habit, especially in jobs where you have to sit at a desk for much of the day. Show More...

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