Give Me a Chuckle
  • Oct 23, 2020 1:00 am
  • 56:50 mins

Do you ever find yourself in situations so outlandish, so ludicrous, so unbelievable that all you can do is laugh? It starts with the first time a bug flies up your nose…then it’s the day you saw your 90-year-old grandma disco dancing in the kitchen…then suddenly it’s the day you see pigs fly! Well, alright, maybe you haven’t seen pigs fly yet, but you’ve surely experienced some wacky stuff. We want to celebrate some of that wacky stuff with you today, as we tell of beetles who become bug brides, escaping one-eyed giants, and the many ways to cook a fish. On today’s episode of The Apple Seed, award-winning storytellers like Diane Edgecomb and Tim Lowry tell us some outlandish, ludicrous, unbelievable stories that will throw you for such a loop, all you’ll think to do is laugh!  On today's episode, chuckle along to the following: "Princess Firefly" by Diane Edgecomb from Pattysaurus and Other Tales (13:55) Gifted storyteller, Diane Edgecomb, tells of a recently transformed beetle who mistakes herself for a firefly. Upon her coming-of-age, this bug is made to choose a suitor for marriage. Each passing suitor comes with a strange set of quirks, and none quite meet her requirements. That is, until the bug of her dreams comes along. Get a good laugh out of Diane’s delightful voices in her telling of Princess Firefly, from her album Pattysaurus and Other Tales.  "Herring’s Head" by Doug Elliot from Everybody’s Fishin' (3:29) Clever storyteller Doug Elliot serenades us with a song about all the strange ways in which a fish head can be cooked into every-day meals. Cringe along to the thought of fishy flavors filling your home-made dishes as Doug Elliot performs Herring’s Head, from his album Everybody’s Fishin'. "Pinewood Derby" by Bil Lepp from Book Report: Live and (mostly) Unedited (10:33) Tall tale-teller, Bil Lepp regales a live audience at the International Storytelling Center with this story called "Pinewood Derby", about a Cub Scout entering his last pinewood derby. Since this is a Bil Lepp story you'll want to consider taking what he has to say with a grain of salt.   "Max and Margaret" by Steve Otto from Potpourri (8:28) Professional storyteller, Steve Otto, tells of a man called Max, who wants desperately to ride in an airplane. His wife, Margaret, however, wants desperately for him to join her at the state fair instead – an airplane ride is just too darn expensive, after all. Let Steve surprise you with the ending of his story Max and Margaret, from the album Potpourri.  "Sody Sallyratus" by Tim Lowry from SEVEN! World Folk Tales (7:49) This is an old Appalachian story that's been told by Apple Seed staples like Ed Stivender and Donna Washington. This version is from South Carolina storyteller, Tim Lowry. Tim tells stories from all over the world, but some of his favorites come from right around the place where he was raised. Like this tall tale called "Sody Sallyratus". Don't know what Sody Sallyratus is? Let Tim educate you.