S1 E8: No Time to Write
  • Aug 5, 2021
  • 56:50 mins
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It’s time for The Apple Seed! Every day we bring you stories of all kinds for you and your family. On this episode of The Apple Seed, we have a mix of stories for you that have been passed down to be told time and time again. Stories have always been told and retold by those who hear them, and there are many ways a story can be shared. Today you’ll hear stories that are from traditional tales, old folk tales, and even old journal entries. On today's episode, enjoy the following: “No Time to Write” by Dolores Hydock from A Sweet Strangeness Thrills My Heart: The Journals of Sallie Independence Foster, 1861-1887 (2:03) Radio Family Journal: "The Pirates" by Sam Payne (16:58) The Daily Mix: "Gefilte Fish" with Noa Baum (22:50) “Cinderella and the Three Bears” by Willy Claflin from Maynard Moose Live at the National Storytelling Festival (30:52) “The Little Old Woman Who Hated Housework” by Margaret Read MacDonald from Fat Cat and Friends (37:27) “A Blind Boy Catches a Bird” by Sarah Malone from Peace Tale for Kids (49:01)