The Fire of Life
  • Dec 9, 2020 1:00 am
  • 56:50 mins

Fire is an integral part of humanity. It is studied in history, chemistry, physics, nature, and much more. It plays a role in folktales, cooking and all walks of life- providing warmth and light as well as danger. In these stories we will see how fire can play a part in all walks of life- whether it be through the sun and folklore of light, or the tiniest firefly, fire is part of all of humanity and all of nature. As an element it demands respect as it can be destructive and terrifying. But, it can also bring much warmth and wonder to one’s life if you learn how to control it and respect it. It takes bravery to face a fire, but sometimes it comes just when you need it. So, as we listen through these stories, think about fire and the wonder of life that it can bring. On today’s episode, enjoy the following: "The Boy and the Firefly" by Antonio Rocha from Cross Roads: Stories from Brazil & the World (7:08) Antonio Rocha is a native of Brazil and includes imagery from Brazil’s vast landscape in a lot of his stories. In this story he details the adventure a little boy takes into the jungle when he follows a beautiful bird. A little like Mogli from The Jungle Book, this little boy encounters many different animals, simply asking them if they could lead him home. All refuse until a small firefly comes and lights his way home. This story plays the line between nature and humanity wonderfully. "The Rabbit In The Moon" by Antonio Sacre from Water Torture, the Barking Mouse, and Other Tales of Wonder (6:50) Antonio Sacre blends beautiful language of English and Spanish together in his fantastic tales and this tale is no different. This folk tale of why in Mexico you see a rabbit in the moon, describes the difference between bravery and beauty. When two characters go head to head- one beautiful and one brave- only one will come out triumphant and bring up the sun. "The Goblin and the Grocer" by Diane Wolkstein from Hans Christian Andersen Classic Stories (8:20) In this wonderful story Diane Wolkstein describes a mischievous goblin and a miscommunication. Diane Wolkstein is a storyteller based in New York who focuses on fairytales and folktales. This story is all about a goblin not knowing where his heart truly lies- with the grocer who gives him butter? Or with the magic book that sings the most beautiful lullabies? "Go Light The World on Fire" by Don White from Winning Streak (2:23) A singer songwriter and storyteller Don White shows us again just how to combine all of the light of stories with music in a wonderful way. Boston based Don White has been traveling and storytelling since before 2011, and has cultivated his craft throughout the years. In this wonderful song he depicts the real value of passion and light that can drive you to new places, and beyond the typical bounds of life. May we listen and reminisce, remembering to work towards what we love. "York, Maine" by Mike Agranoff from Or Would You Rather Get A Job (3:42) Just as fire can be beautiful and wonderful it can also be destructive and fear inspiring. In this song by Mike Agranoff we see a wonderful story of the importance of knowing what you care about most. The importance of family and love and the fire of friendship can not be overcome by the fire of destruction. "Hanukka in Chelm" by Joel Ben Izzy from Lights and Laughter (9:40) In this silly story Joel Ben Izzy describes the town of Chelm- a town of fools who think themselves smart. Joel Ben Izzy is an award-winning storyteller who begun storytelling in 1983. He has traveled in some 36 countries throughout North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. All of this traveling has informed a lot of his stories including this story about silly people and their battle against the elements. "Og Saves the World" by Mark Binder from A Holiday Present (3:28) Mark binder is classically trained as an actor, director and playwright, he often tours the world as a performer, transmitting the joy of story across distances. He tells stories for adults and children and in this story he tells the story of Og- a man that is afraid of the sun going away. May this ball of fire not be eaten up by the snake in the sky, and if Og has anything to do about it, it won’t. "Gypsy Davey, One Year" After by Mike Agranoff from Or Would You Rather Get A Job (5:07) Mike Agranoff is a folk teller who “draws his material from sources as diverse as traditional ballads and fiddle tunes, Tin Pan Alley, contemporaries in the Folk World, and his own witty pen.” In this story song he describes the after-story of Gypsy Davey and what happened to him and his family after everything was over. It is a fun tale of sacrifice and new relationships, ever helped by time.