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Daylight Saving, How To Fix US Soccer, Screen Cleaning

The Matt Townsend Show
  • Nov 10, 2017 5:00 pm
  • 2:34:31

Is Daylight Saving Time Worth the Trouble? (21:45) Laura Grant is an Assistant Professor at Claremont McKenna College where she teaches Intermediate Microeconomics and Public Economics. Since the change on Sunday (11/05/17), when we moved our clocks an hour back, you may have noticed that your drive into work is a little bit brighter, and your drive home is a little bit darker. Or, if you forgot, you may have been an hour early to a few things! On Sunday we switched into daylight saving time and Laura Grant discusses her research on if daylight saving time is worth the trouble.   How to Fix US Soccer (1:07:55) Rick Eckstein is a professor of sociology at Villanova University and the author of three books, most recently How College Athletics are Hurting Girls' Sports: The Pay to Play Pipeline. His current work on college athletics, youth sports, and gender has been featured in dozens of media outlets across the country.  The nation was shocked when the US Men’s national soccer team lost against Trinidad and Tobago, and as a result, failed to qualify in the 2018 World Cup. Why did this happen? The United States has 330 million people and a huge youth soccer system, compared to Trinidad and Tobago, a country that has only 1.3 million people. Rick Eckstein is here today with us to share why American youth soccer needs to be fixed and what can be done about it. Liana Tan - Veterans Day (1:35:09) We want to thank all our veterans today in honor of Veteran’s Day. In memory of their service, one of our producers, Liana Tan, is going to spark the patriotism in all of us and share 5 things that she loves about America.  Screen Cleaning (1:40:55) Jeff Simpson talks about movies and TV helping you find family-friendly options.