Price of Healthcare, Grandmother Hypothesis, Movies

Price of Healthcare, Grandmother Hypothesis, Movies

The Matt Townsend Show - Season 4, Episode 237

  • Oct 23, 2015 1:00 pm
  • 2:16:50 mins

Price on Healthcare (14:34) Dr. Robert Pendleton is a Doctor of internal medicine at the Associate Professor of Medicine (Clinical) at the University of Utah.  He is the Quality Officer (CMQO) of University of Utah Hospital and Clinics.  Dr. Pendleton joins Dr. Townsend to discuss a study conducted by University of Utah Health Care to find ways to lower the cost of health care.  Grandmother Hypothesis (56:41) Dr. Kristen Hawkes is an anthropologist, an expert in human evolution and sociobiology at the University of Utah. She is the author of several studies on the “grandma hypothesis”. Dr. Hawkes shares her most recent study “Grandmothering life histories and human pair bonding” with Dr. Townsend and explains how grandmas are vital to the development of the human family.  Parent Previews (1:44:45) Rod and Donna Gustafson from Parent Previews joins the show to look at the movie "Jem and The Holograms" and "The Last Witch Hunter." Meet the Producers (1:53:34) Producers Kaylee Daines and Liz Miller talk with Dr. Townsend about health food and test Matt about what health foods he has in his fridge right now.

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