Saudi Arabia and Yemen

Saudi Arabia and Yemen

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Saudi Arabia and Yemen, Toxoplasmosis, Beef Imports

Episode: Saudi Arabia and Yemen, Toxoplasmosis, Beef Imports

  • Apr 2, 2015 9:00 pm
  • 21:16 mins

Guest: Fred Axelgard, senior fellow in international relations for BYU’s Wheatley Institution and former US State Department official The US and five world powers announced the framework of a deal today with Iran over that country’s nuclear capabilities. Iran has agreed to reduced its capacity to build a nuclear bomb in exchange for relief from harsh trade sanctions imposed by the US and European Union. While the US has been focused on striking a deal with Iran, Iran’s opponents in the Middle East are stepping up their aggression in battles where Iran is involved. Most notably, Saudi Arabia has entered the battlefield in Yemen, leading airstrikes against Houthi rebels who have taken over Yemen’s government, with support from Iran. Saudi Arabia has also announced plans to join with other Arab League Nations – including Egypt, Iraq and Jordan – in creating a regional military force to fight insurgencies that are inflaming the region.