• Feb 2, 2018 7:00 pm
  • 53:43 mins

In conjunction with the 131st Groundhog Day we're celebrating the way that little marmot has made a name for himself in the national storytelling world. Bringing you facts and stories of shared meals from Doug Elliott, a song by Dan Keding, and some tales and an interview with Megan Hicks about her album "Groundhogs Meet Grimm". Groundhog Day by Doug Elliott (2:23) The Story of the Three Groundhogs Gruff by Megan Hicks (11:22) Megan Hicks Interview (18:33) Groundhog Godmother by Megan Hicks (27:59) Oh, Groundhog by Dan Keding (37:59) Groundhogs and Indians by Doug Elliott (40:09)