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Calling a Homebound Senior, Iceboating, Thanksgiving Table Games, The CEO Kid, Oncologists Bringing Light to Patients, Caring for Pets in Cold Weather

The Lisa Show
  • Nov 26, 2019
  • 01:41:10

Calling a Homebound Senior (0:00:00) Do you remember huddling next to grandma or grandpa as a kid, looking starry eyed as they told you fascinating stories about their lives? They loved that experience just as much as you did. Unfortunately, as grandchildren grow up and family members move away, seniors can be lonely if they have no one to interact with. Luckily, The Retired Senior Volunteer Program sponsors a service opportunity called Friendly Callers. Their goal is to brighten the days of homebound seniors – simply by calling them once a week. Bonnie Lewis, the director of Friendly Calls, joins us to talk about the program. Iceboating (0:13:15) Imagine you’re cruising along in a sailboat, the wind playing with your hair, the sun on your face… except the temperatures are below freezing, and the entire surface of the lake is iced over. This is iceboating, an international winter sport where sailors race boats across the surface of a frozen lake, sometimes reaching speeds of 70 miles per hour or higher! Here to tell us more is the Executive Secretary of the International DN Ice Yacht Racing Association, Deb Whitehorse. Thanksgiving Table Games (0:29:40) So we’ve already started eating Thanksgiving dinner, we’ve gone around the table to share what we’re thankful for, and we’ve heard all about Uncle Bryan’s new job... what else are we supposed to talk?? Dr. Anne Fishel, founder of The Family Dinner Project, joins us to teach us some table games to keep things exciting with those you are celebrating with. The CEO Kid (0:50:35) With tech and the job market developing so quickly, what will the job market look like for our kids? According to a recent report, about 85% of the jobs that will exist in 2030 haven’t even been invented yet! How on earth can we prepare kids to enter a job market that doesn’t even exist yet? Here to tell us about the answer that she found is Leah Remillet, international speaker, consultant and founder of CEO Kid, an online academy that teaches kids entrepreneurial skills.  Oncologists Bringing Light to Patients (1:06:13) You know those especially hard days where all you need is a hug? You know how much better you feel after getting one? Well, imagine what it would be like to be stuck in a treatment center for months on end, unsure if your health is going to improve or decline. What difference would a hug make then? Dr. Niraj Mehta started an initiative at his clinic, 21st Century Oncology, to bring hugs to kids who are fighting cancer. He’s here to tell us more about this initiative and how it’s impacting patients.?  Caring for Pets in Cold Weather (1:25:35) You wouldn’t let your kids run out into the cold without a jacket, would you? So why do you let your pets do it? Depending on where you live, the cold weather can prove deadly for some of our beloved four-legged friends. Knowing how to adjust their routines as the winter rolls around can help them stay healthy and happy. Dr. John Howe is president of the American Veterinary Medical Association. He’s here to tell us how we can best take care of our pets during the colder months. Show More...

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