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Laughter at Work, Survivor Moms, Personal Style

The Lisa Show
  • Jan 28, 2019
  • 01:39:56
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Laughter at Work (00:00) Betty-Ann Heggie, speaker author and mentor, talks about how laughter can positively affect productivity and how to stay on task while still having a good time. Curing Nearsightedness (16:53) Are you looking for an alternative to wearing glasses or contacts? Does the idea of eye surgery freak you out? Kathryn Richdale shares how you can fix your nearsightedness without having to pay for LASIK. Learn more about how special lenses worn at night can help correct your vision. Survivor Moms (31:49) Approximately 21 million American mothers have experienced sexual abuse during their childhood. Dr. Teresa Gil shares the challenges of survivors of sexual assault who have become mothers and how we can help them receive support. You can learn more about this important topic by reading Dr. Gil’s book. Personal Style (1:04:20) Carrie Ann Rhodes talks about the art of developing a personal style. She helps us understand the difference between being fashionable and being capable of making confident clothing decisions. Movies to Watch at Home (1:26:10) Are you all out of good movie ideas? Rod Gustafson talks about the best movies to watch at home this week. Show More...

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