Sam Bennion's Favorites
  • Nov 18, 2013 7:00 pm
  • 58:26 mins

Stories featured in this episode: Jay O'Callahan Story 1: Equations Teller: Jay O'Callahan Site: Notes: A memory from Jay's childhood of a neighbor's last minute dinner party getting a little out of hand. Michael Reno Harrell Story 2: Cleaning Out Momma's House Teller: Michael Reno Harrell Site: Notes: A contest over who can find the most "ridiculous thing" arises between Michael and his siblings as they clean out their deceased mother's home. Diane Ferlatte Story 3: The Word the Devil Made Up Teller: Diane Ferlatte Site: Notes: A tale about the devil going up to heaven to steal some angels, and the evil of the slang people use today. Leeny Del Seamonds Story 4: Suki Teller: Lenny Del Seamonds Site: Notes: A Japanese folktale about a lonely couple who take in a mysterious young woman. This beautiful girl brings them joy and later prosperity, until they discover her secret. The cello and other sound effects accompanying this story are by Gideon Freudmann. Fran Yardley Story 5: The Clown of God Teller: Fran Yardley Site: Notes: The story of Giovanni, a traveling clown. In his old age Giovanni discovers himself alone and back on the streets where he grew up as a child. Looking for somewhere to stay, he stumbles into a church on a very special night.