Jambalaya Thirty-Two

The Apple Seed
  • Jan 21, 2015 7:00 pm
  • 55:24

Stories included in this episode: Geraldine Buckley( %2f2015%2f01%2fgeraldine-buckely-opt.jpg.axdx) Story 1: The Interview Teller: Geraldine Buckley Site: Notes: Geraldine gets the opportunity to interview for her dream job with the BBC. Tim Lowry( lowry-opt.jpg.axdx) Story 2: Half Chick Teller: Tim Lowry Site: Notes: A little chick is greatly spoiled. Willy Claflin( claflin-opt.jpg.axdx) Story 3: The Mind Boggles Teller: Willy Claflin Site: Notes: Great stories start in our heads... Leeny Del Seamonds( del-seamonds-opt.jpg.axdx) Story 4: Party Girl Teller: :Leeny Del Seamonds Site: Notes: Life is really a party when you've got the right attitude.