Safe ICU Practices

Safe ICU Practices

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Staying Healthy and Lauren Daigle

Episode: Staying Healthy and Lauren Daigle

  • Dec 4, 2020 1:00 pm
  • 17:55 mins

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, more and more people have been hospitalized in the ICU. The CDC estimates that nearly one in five young adults will be admitted into the ICU due to COVID. With more and more Americans being admitted to the ICU, many people have started to wonder what are the long-term effects of an ICU visit? Many people have reported having post-ICU PTSD, increased rates of anxiety, or delayed cognitive function. Today we want to talk about what standard ICU care procedures are, what their long-term impact is, and how you can advocate for the best care for your friends and family if tragedy were to strike. Here with us today is ICU nurse practitioner and ICU policy advocate, Kali Dayton.

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