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Amazon Health Care, Engaged Employee Burnout, Stress and Diet

The Matt Townsend Show
  • Apr 10, 2018
  • 02:18:56
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Amazon Health Care (11:35) J.B. Silvers, Ph.D., is the John R. Mannix Medical Mutual of Ohio Professor of Health Care Finance and professor of banking and finance at Weatherhead School of Management with a joint appointment in the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. Earlier this year, Amazon announced they would be patterning up with different companies to improve healthcare for employees and to lower health care cost.   Is this something we should pay attention to? J.B. Silvers. explains how this announcement from Amazon could change the healthcare industry. Engaged Employees are at Risk of Burnout (56:38) Julia Moeller, Ph.D., is an assistant professor of educational psychology at the University of Leipzig in Germany.  She studies emotion and motivation in schools and workplaces. In particular, she is interested in seemingly paradoxical combinations of mixed feelings, that means, co-occurring positive and negative experiences, such as stressful motivation, or motivating anxiety. Employee engagement is a major concern for HR leaders. Year after year, concerned managers, and researchers discuss Gallup’s shocking statistic that seven out of 10 U.S. employees report feeling unengaged. Figuring out how to increase employee engagement has been a burning question for companies and consultants across the board. Julia Moeller talks about the study and how we can decrease our risk of Burnout. Stress, Nutrition, and Diet (1:44:12) Ron Hager, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor of Exercise Sciences in the College of Life Sciences at Brigham Young University. His area is expertise is Chronic Disease Prevention. April is Stress Awareness Month and Dr. Hager talks about how our diets impact our level of stress and anxiety. Show More...

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