• Jan 16, 2018 10:43 am
  • 55:19 mins

On today’s episode of Highway 89, we fill the studio with the sounds of pipes, fiddles, harps, bodhrans, flutes, banjos, and more. It’s “Pennyland,” a name given to the amount of land that could once be rented for a penny to Scottish tenant farmers of the west highlands. The band is named in tribute to those Scottish tenant farmers, who, dreaming of better opportunities, uprooted their families and crossed the Atlantic to settle in a new land. Pennyand is made up of Robert Macdonald, Liz Macdonald, Daniel Macdonald, Averi Crockett, Michelle Adams, and Marvin Payne. You can find more Pennyland at their website: Pennyland favors us with an hour’s worth of music and conversation, including the following tunes:Scots on the Rocks Faery Love Song and Jig The Cuckoo's Nest Song and Hornpipe Can Ye Sew Cushions Waffles for Friday and Drunken Tinker Puirt a Beaul Set Sweet Molly and The Glenburnie Rant and Put Me in the Big Ches Siul a Ruin and The Bird's Nest Manx Lullaby and The Hag at the Churn