Truman Brothers
  • Aug 22, 2015 2:00 am
  • 40:39 mins

Ben and Chad Truman are The Truman Brothers, a duo out of Nashville, Tennessee that create a sound founded on rich vocals and passionate songwriting. Formed in Provo, Utah, the brothers and the rest of their band have toured across the United States, sharing the stage with such artists as Imagine Dragons, Kelly Clarkson, Diamond Rio, and David Archuleta. Altogether, the Truman Brothers have brought their show to more than 100 cities in 30 states, as well as performances in London, Hong Kong, and the Philippines. They've released two albums, "Hold On To Love" and "Somewhere Between" which can be found on iTunes, they have a new album "Our Kind of Cowboy" in the works, and most recently Marie Osmond has recorded one of their songs to be released soon. While visiting, they chat with host Steven Kapp Perry about life on the road, "Hot Yams," and what it's like working all day every day with your sibling. Songs featured: (1:12) "I Want You There"; (5:22) Chad Truman: Hot Yams and youtube fame, musical parents, getting over the hump in piano lessons; (9:06) "Wasn't That Your Plan"; (12:25) Ben Truman: Marriage changing songwriting, playing what matters to you (see video), Marie Osmond; (16:36) "Making History"; (20:19) Chad: Vacuum mike stands, practicing as brothers, giving your all on stage; (24:43) "Boston & New Orleans"; (29:13) Ben: Life in Nashville, finding your own sound, touring with Diamond Rio; Follow Highway 89 on twitter: @byuh89 and on instagram: @byuh89.