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Shower Up Nashville, Cuteness, Negotiating with Kids, Freshmen Tips, Eco Footprints, Rebranding

The Lisa Show
  • Jul 28, 2020
  • 01:45:32

Shower Up Nashville (0:00:00) Whether it’s after a long, stressful day or in preparation for your next outing, there are few things in life that feel better than a warm shower. For those who are facing homelessness, however, this privilege can be hard to come by. Lacking access to clean showers is not only stressful but can make it hard to communicate with others if you don’t have proper hygiene. This is what inspired the creation of Shower Up, a nonprofit organization headquartered in Nashville that brings mobile showers to local homeless communities. Joining us on the show today is co-founder and executive director Paul Schmitz, here with us to discuss how a simple shower can make a world of difference for the homeless. Why We Need Cuteness (0:16:47) For anyone who’s been to Japan, the word “kawaii”, meaning cute, is nothing new. Although it is used as frequently in Japan as the word “cute” is in America, “kawaii” is not just a word to the Japanese, but a cultural phenomenon. The cuteness trend is visible in nearly all facets of life from fashion, to entertainment, to product design and packaging. And while the kawaii trend has already gained a fair amount of traction in Western Spheres, Tania Luna, psychology researcher and Co-CEO of LifeLabs Learning, here to discuss with us why we need more cuteness in our lives and the psychology behind it. How to Negotiate with Your Kids (0:36:24) As parents we have the final say in decisions around the house. We are the Queens and Kings of our castle and our word is law. However, any student of history will tell you that a sovereign’s power is always dependent on the loyalty of their subjects, and sometimes our homes can feel more like the French Revolution than we would hope. So, how can we lead our families to keep our kids obedient and happy? Roi Ben-Yehuda's advice would be to negotiate with them! He’s a professor of conflict resolution at both Columbia University and John Jay College and a leadership trainer at LifeLabs Learning, who’s on the show to teach us how to negotiate with our kids. Tips for 2020 Freshman (0:52:47) College freshman across the country are going to have a unique experience come this fall. With COVID shaking everything up, colleges are changing the way they’re going to operate. This can be scary and intimidating for graduated high school seniors already stressed about leaving home and taking on the next level of education. So, what can we do to help prepare our freshmen for the upcoming school year and the impact COVID will have on it? Here to talk us through it is Rob Franek, editor-in-chief of the Princeton Review. Reducing Your Eco Footprint (1:11:21) The environment revolution is nothing new. But given the accelerated rate at which environmental degradation is occurring, the topic seems more prescient than ever. As a result, many people have begun to wonder more concertedly about their own personal impact on the environment. What can we do on a personal level to reduce our eco-footprint? Here to answer this question and others about our personal energy consumption is Hugh Jiang, founder of environmental blog Get Green Now. Rebranding (1:26:54) What lots of brands have in common is a symbol that we can easily recognize and immediately associate with that brand. For those involved in any kind of business, big or small, symbols, designs, catchphrases and other branding techniques are critical to a business’s success. But is there a secret to creating an attention-grabbing brand as well-known as Apple, Target, or Nike? Or what can we do if our brand is lagging? Well today, we have Katie Lundin, a brand specialist from Crowdspring, here to tell us everything we need to know about making, maintaining and even recreating a strong brand. Show More...

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