Rookie Smarts
  • Nov 17, 2014 10:00 pm
  • 1:33:34 mins

Matt and Liz Wiseman discuss the phenomenon of rookies' advantage over veterans. Liz says that the heightened state of alert rookies feel when performing a task results in a more successful performance. Rookies pay attention to detail and want to do each step of a task correctly. Liz also suggests that rookies cannot operate solely on their own knowledge. They are consistently looking for advice and input from professionals around them. This desire to do well results in more successful outcomes.  Contributor Heather Johnson discusses with Matt the idea that children have their own thoughts, ideas and opinions. These ideas formulate the types of hobbies children enjoy. Many parents hold certain hobbies close to their hearts and hope their children will share these passions too. When children challenge these hobbies and desire to participate in differing activities, it can be hard for parents to accept. Parents must have an open mind and be willing to support their children in hobbies they love.