• Sep 20, 2017 6:00 am
  • 56:23 mins
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One of the seven deadly sins, greed has long plagued the human race. Greed causes people to do things they wouldn’t normally do, like turning on their friends and family all for the sake of obtaining wealth. Or attempting to obtain it. Greed never rewards, and in this episode we've got stories of people who are beguiled nonetheless by a range of things that glint and glitter. Stories in this episode are: New Mother by Daniel Bishop (1:33) Two little girls behave very poorly in order to get a pretty music box an old lady has. Learn more about Daniel Bishop by visiting: The Mountain by Sean K. Buvala (13:28) Two brothers with different worldviews stumble upon a mountain filled with gold. The only problem is that it's guarded by giants. Learn more about Sean K. Buvala by visiting: The Greedy Man in the Moon by Karl Behling (23:07) A poor boy cares for a dying sparrow and nurses him back to health so ther bird bestows a marvelous gift to him. A greedy neighbor wants the same reward so he tries to trick the bird into giving him the same gift. Learn more about Karl Behling by visiting: Ananzi's Narrow Waist by Len Cabral (32:05) Ananzi promises everyone in the village that he will eat with them, but when everyone’s dishes are ready at the exact same time he runs into a sticky situation. Learn more about Len Cabral by visiting: Golden Arm by Daniel Bishop (38:25) A story about a mean, greedy, nasty man who marries a mean, greedy, nasty woman with a golden arm. Keeping the Gold by Heather Forest (44:19) A song and a story about a miser who never gave away his gold. Learn more about Heather Forest by visiting: The Poor Man and the Rich Man's Purse by Mary Hamilton (47:28) A rich man loses his wallet and accuses the poor man of stealing it when he tries to give it back. The amount isn't the same as what the rich man thought he'd lost so they go to a rabbi to settle the affair. Learn more about Mary Hamilton by visiting: Farmer and Demon by Sean K. Buvala (51:21) A farmer finds a demon sitting in the middle of his field atop a pile of riches and decides to strike a deal with him in order to obtain the wealth before his eyes.

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