Twins: Switched at Birth

Twins: Switched at Birth

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Apple Music, Fireflies, Lasers, Twins

Episode: Apple Music, Fireflies, Lasers, Twins

  • Jul 13, 2015 9:00 pm
  • 23:30 mins

Guest: Nancy Segal, Ph.D., Director of the Twin Studies Center at California State University.  It was a normal day at work for Jorge Castro, a 26-year-old pipe designer from Bogota, Colombia, until a co-worker approached him to show an interesting Facebook photo of her friend. Much to Jorge’s surprise, the man in the photo looked exactly like him, so much so that Jorge thought it was him. Pretty strange coincidence, right? Well, he kept scrolling through his doppelganger’s photos until he saw the picture that would change his life—his mysterious look-alike posing with another man that looked exactly like his “twin” brother, Carlos. They soon discovered that the two sets of twins had actually been switched at birth.  Their lives could not have been any different. One set of twins was raised in the city, while the other was raised in the small rural town of Santander. Yet after meeting, each set of identical twins began to realize how alike they were to their long-lost brother. The story became an international sensation, leading to many questions about the science and behaviors of twins.