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How to Ace an Interview, Helping Kids Adjust at a New School, Stamp Collecting, Food Waste, National Safe Place, Sex Trafficking

The Lisa Show
  • Aug 7, 2019
  • 01:41:18

How to Ace an Interview (0:00:00) Rebecca Francoline, president of Go Write 2 Hire and human resources professional, gives tips and tricks for having a successful job interview. Helping Kids Adjust to a New School (0:15:14) Author Ali Wenzke explains what we can do as parents to help your kids adjust to starting at a new school and make new friends. Stamp Collecting (0:33:01) Youtuber and stamp collector Graham Beck discusses the appeal of stamp collecting and talks about the history of several iconic stamps. Food Waste (0:50:40) Dana Williamson, founder and president of Wasteless Solutions, talks about why food waste is such a pressing issue today an what we can do to make less wasteful decisions. National Safe Place (1:04:27) President and CEO of the National Safe Place Network Laurie Jackson explains how Safe Places provide protection to minors who are in dangerous situations. Sex Trafficking (1:22:10) Laurin Crosson, founder of the RockStarr Organization, discusses the epidemic of human trafficking around the world, and what we can do to help fight for the cause. Show More...

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