It's Groundhog Day...Again!
  • Feb 4, 2020 2:00 am
  • 58:25 mins

Groundhog Day comes around every year, but where does it come from? Join us today on The Apple Seed for stories about Punxatawney Phil and his colleagues. You’ll hear fractured fairytales from Megan Hicks featuring groundhogs as the protagonists. And you’ll also learn about the legendary background of religious rituals behind Groundhog Day.   On today's episode of The Apple Seed you'll hear the following: Radio Family Journal - "Groundhog Day" Daily Mix: Rod Gustafson discusses the film "Groundhog Day" Story Spotlight: “Three Little Groundhogs and a Wolf” by Megan Hicks (9:15) “Groundhog Day” by Doug Elliot (8:32) “Groundhoglocks and the Three Bears” by Megan Hicks (10:41) “The Fisherman (and His Wife)” by Megan Hicks (4:57)