Asking Better Questions, Vintage Home Finds, Work from Home Shift, Becoming a Morning Person, ACT Prep

The Lisa Show

  • Sep 21, 2020 12:00 pm
  • 1:45:29

Asking Better Questions (0:00:00) Questions are the key to making connections. And, no matter how good or bad we think we are we can always get better at asking questions. Here to help us out we’ve invited Roi Ben-Yehuda onto the show. He’s a professor of conflict resolution at both Columbia University and John Jay College and a leadership trainer at LifeLabs Learning. Vintage Homes Finds (0:31:53) We all have that one friend. The friend whose home is filled with beautiful and unique pieces that he or she bought at some random thrift store or flea market for a song. However, on the other end of the spectrum, is the person who walks into thrift store only to leave an hour later empty-handed and wondering how on earth person #1 does it. I don’t know about you, but I want to learn to be more like person #1. Fortunately for us, friend of the show Carrie Ann Rhodes is here to teach us how. The Work from Home Shift (0:52:45) When we all moved online for work back in March, none of us knew that we were in for months of working from home. And while a few things have been re-opening, millions of Americans are still pulling the 9-to-5 on their laptops. While it did have it’s challenges in the beginning, as we work towards getting used to the new normal, what have we learned, what will change in the future and what will stay the same? Here to share her insight with us is environmental psychologist Kati Peditto. Becoming a Morning Person (1:15:15) As much as sleeping in till 1 pm might be ideal for you, the real world doesn’t often allow us such luxuries. Work, school, and other responsibilities demand that we get out of bed before or shortly after the sun rises. So how is the night owl supposed to survive when the early bird gets the worm? Joining us today to teach us how anyone can become a morning person is Dr. Chris Winter, a renowned neurologist and sleep specialist. ACT Prep (1:24:30) For many of you with teenagers, I’m sure the thought of getting your child into college and then paying for itis enough to keep you up at night, cause chest pain, and turn your hair grey. However, you can reduce some of this stress by properly preparing your kids for the ACT and SAT. Not only will preparation secure your kids’ acceptance into college, but it could also lead to scholarships and thousands of dollars in savings. Here to help us know how we can help our kids prepare for college-entrance exams, we have Hannah Baker from Magoosh—a test-prep organization dedicated to “helping students achieve their educational dreams.”