Polar Bear and Hunting Dog
  • May 29, 2021
  • 56:50 mins

Today we’re starting things off with an adorable friendship with The Storycrafters', “Polar Bear & Hunting Dog”, where Polar Bear and Hunting Dog form a strong friendship that will get tested as they face the coldest winter yet. Then we’ll enjoy an entry in the radio family journal and a conversation with a friend. Following that we’ll hear Susan Reed’s, “The Boy Who Drew Cats” about how a strange obsession can become a life saving advantage. Next up is Martha Hamilton’s, “Who Will Close the Door” about how far a couple is willing to go in order to save their own pride. Finally, we’ll close with Charlotte Blake-Alston’s, “Healing Hands”, an inspiring story about finding one’s talents. On today’s episode, enjoy the following: “Polar Bear & Hunting Dog” by The Storycrafters on Gather Round the Fire (2:36) Radio Family Journal: "Practicing the Piano and Remembering by Sam Payne (16:05) The Daily Mix: "Opening Doors" with Antonio Sacre (23:08) “The Boy Who Drew Cats” by Heather Forest on Wonder Tales From Around the World (31:49) “Who Will Close the Door” by Martha Hamilton with Mitch Weiss on Stories in my Pocket Tales Kids Can Tell (42:46) “Healing Hands” by Charlotte Blake-Alston on Wadin’ in the Water (47:10)