Bedtime Stories
  • Jan 4, 2017 7:00 pm
  • 57:53 mins

Today, we’re exploring one of the greatest traditions of storytelling: Bedtime Stories. There are few things that take us back to the comfort of our childhood homes in the way that a familiar story does. The stories we hear as children tie us to our own personal pasts, and to the pasts of our cultures and heritage. We often first hear traditional tales as we lie in bed while a loved one sits by and tells us the stories they heard, and their parents hear, and their parent’s parents heard when they were young. Stories and songs included in this episode: Red Riding Hood From her album "Grimm Tales Retold," Laura Bobrow shares her vision of the story about a young girl with a red riding hood who rode her way into the classic bedtime literary canon. Learn more about Laura J. Bobrow by visiting Come On Out and Play (Bear's All-Night Party) An original bedtime story for those of us who like to stay up past our bedtime. Find more of Bill's work at Apple Seed Team Roundtable: Bedtime Stories Assistant producers Makena Bauss and Deidrene Crisanto, and audio engineer Andre Marques join Sam Payne in the studio to talk about their favorite bedtime stories and the impact of bedtime stories in their own lives. Tales for an October Night Looking for a bedtime story with a twist? Do you want to stir up some fun dreams? Look no further than this Lyn Ford tale. Learn more about Lyn by visiting Sweet Dreams (song) A lullaby from the Yellow Room Gang to wrap up today's episode. Learn more about the musicians on the Yellow Room Gang compilation album by visiting

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