Long Form: Bobby Norfolk and Octavia Sexton

The Apple Seed
  • Apr 6, 2015 6:00 pm
  • 54:33

Bobby Norfolk Story: Wicked John & the Devil Teller: Bobby Norfolk Site: Notes: Bobby has been an Emmy Award winning TV host, National Park Ranger, stand-up comedian and now makes his living as a storyteller and educator. His ability to read and connect with audiences of all ages makes him one of our favorite storytellers. His performances are a perfect marriage of theatrics and education, and he inspires and motivates kids and adults alike through the tradition of oral storytelling. In this story, John and the devil try to outwit and outlast each other. Octavia Sexton Story: Jack and the Magic Sack Teller: Octavia Sexton Site: Notes: A native eastern Kentucky, Octavia knows life in the Appalachians quite well. Her storytelling performances, workshops, and storytelling residencies utilize historical writing, drama, environmental awareness and much more. In this jack tale, see if you can recognize the conventions and characteristics of a classic storytelling trope.