• Jun 21, 2016 2:00 am
  • 50:48 mins

RIVVRS is the moniker of singer/songwriter Brandon Zahursky, a Los Angeles-based musician who blends folk and rock into his own unique sound. With a voice "like water running over sand" RIVVRS is in town to record a new album with producer Joshua James but will be back in August to perform at the first-ever Goosenecks Music Festival in Torrey, Utah. Tonight in-studio RIVVRS shares some old songs and some new, and chats with host Steven Kapp Perry about everything from "Old Man RIVVRS" (coming soon to YouTube!), Rorsach test album art, and the unexpected talent of 18-year-old songwriters. Also featured is local musician Isaac Russell on backup vocals and tambourine. Songs featured: Surrender, Change, I Want You, Swim For Shore, I Will Follow You;