EXTRA **** My Love Gonna Follow You Down

The Apple Seed
  • Apr 16, 2020 1:00 am
  • 6:22

In these days of flattening the curve, we’re producing the Apple Seed these days from a couple of home studios – like you, we’ve been self-isolating, and, like you, looking for ways to reach out to our fellow humans. During this time, Sam took to posting to social media a little song every day – something filled with a little hope and a little encouragement to hang on. We thought we’d bring you some of those pieces here, as Apple Seed Extras. These aren’t studio recordings, and you’ll be able to tell – they’re made with a little Canon SLR camera, aimed at Sam while he sits on the piano bench in his office. But we do hope that you enjoy them. Here's what Sam says about this tune: “Sometimes, especially in days like these, it seems like there’s a lot we would do for the ones we love, but can’t. And sometimes it seems like our love is the only thing we can send out into the world from where we’re locked up tight ourselves. But we do, we send our love out there in all the ways we can think up, and we can think up a lot of ways. This is a song written a few years ago, long before the crises we’re currently all facing together. It’s a song that I most often dedicate to our kids, who right now are moving us with their care for each other. So often we watch our kids grow up and go off to face whatever adventures the world might bring, and sometimes we wish we could send more along with them than just our love. But love can be a lot. For our kids and for yours, here’s a song.” MY LOVE GONNA FOLLOW YOU DOWN You can fly, fly away Off to feed some yearning Off to some bright day Through some cold morning And though you don’t look back Though you don’t turn ‘round Like a whisper from above Oh my love gonna follow you down Though the world don’t care And though it try to break you And though you don’t know where The long and winding road will take you And all your sacred dreams They all come unwound When the pushin’ comes to shove Oh my love gonna follow you down And it’s a wide, wide view Far across this meadow Ocean deep in blue Canyon dim in shadow And if you lift your eyes When you hear some sound Like a soft grey dove Oh my love gonna follow you down Though the earth may move Oh my love gonna follow you down