The Environmental Protection Agency, Picky Eaters, Messy English, Russian Poison

The Environmental Protection Agency, Picky Eaters, Messy English, Russian Poison

Top of Mind with Julie Rose

  • Oct 10, 2018 11:00 pm
  • 1:41:41 mins
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The Environmental Protection Agency Guest: Christopher Sellers, PhD, Professor of History, Stony Brook University One of the Trump administration’s major goals is reducing regulation, and the EPA has been a key target. Tuesday night, President Trump announced plans to remove ethanol restrictions on gasoline. “Today we are unleashing the power of E15 to fuel our country all year long. Not eight months, all year long.” The Trump Administration is also pushing changes to how greenhouse gases are regulated and the EPA has experienced budget cuts during his tenure.  Picky Eaters Guest: Julie Lumeng, MD, Professor, Pediatrics and Communicable Diseases, University of Michigan  The dinner table battles waged between parents and picky children are probably as old as time. How far should parents go in the tug-of-war over peas and broccoli? Messy, Mixed-Up English Guest: David Eddington, PhD, Spanish Philology and Linguistics, Brigham Young University English doesn’t even crack the top ten list of most difficult languages to learn. But it has quirks that make it hard for non-English speakers to master – why does the word wrong start with a w? And the word knight – like “knight in shining armor” – has three silent letters. There’s actually a really good reason why English has so many strange spellings. Almonds May Help Boost Cholesterol Clean-up  Guest: Claire Berryman, Assistant Professor of Nutrition, Food and Exercise Sciences at Florida State University You’ve probably had your cholesterol tested in the last year or so got the report about good and bad cholesterol in your blood? Some new nutritional research finds that eating almonds as a snack can help boost good cholesterol levels and get rid of the bad. A two-for-one! Apple Seed Guest: Sam Payne A Day in the Life of a Wyoming Ranch Family Guest: Mike and Erin Galloway, Cattle Ranchers, Creators, “Our Wyoming Life”  Feeding pigs, fixing fences, harvesting vegetables, birthing calves and herding geese with a flying drone, no less. That’s how Mike and Erin Galloway spend their days on a family ranch in Gilette, Wyoming. All of it is on display to the world through their rapidly growing social media presence and day-in-the-life videos that get thousands of views. Novichok in Chemical Warfare Guest: Peter Chai, MD, Medical Toxicologist, Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, MA and Assistant Professor, Medicine, Harvard Medical School Russia continues to deny it had anything to do with the attempted assassination of Sergei Skripal – a former Russian spy living in the UK. Both Skripal and his daughter survived serious illness after exposure to a nerve agent British officials say was Novichok. Weeks later, a British woman named Dawn Sturgess died from Novichok poisoning. Police think she somehow came into contact with the nerve agent intended for Skripal. British officials have called the attack an unacceptable act of aggression.

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