Students Skipping Tests, What Makes A Good Science Teacher, With Grace B. Bold

Students Skipping Tests, What Makes A Good Science Teacher, With Grace B. Bold

Top of Mind with Julie Rose

  • Jul 19, 2018 11:00 pm
  • 1:43:48 mins
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When Students Opt-Out of Tests, Schools May Suffer  Guest: Alisa Ellis, Vice-Chairperson, Utah Board of Education During the decade-plus that No Child Left Behind was in effect, there was growing outrage over the amount of time students were spending every year taking standardized tests to assess their progress. A number of states had very large opt-out movements where parents kept their kids home on year-end test days. The movement is causing a headache for Utah schools, who will have to count the missed tests as failed grades that will affect their standing. The Science of Good Science Teachers Guest: Tammy Kolbe, Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership, University of Vermont When kids in America get to middle school, their interest in science and technology – or STEM – topics drops off. Is it puberty? Is it the curriculum? Is it the teachers? With Grace B. Bold Guest: Megan Sullivan, Founder, With Grace B. Bold When Megan Sullivan asked her mother what the worst part of her breast cancer experience was, she was surprised to hear the answer: it was the plastic tube she had to wear after surgery that drained fluid away from her incision. So Sullivan designed a top tailored for post-mastectomy women to feel more comfortable and confident, even with a cumbersome surgical drain. The Secret Cause of Dementia (Originally Aired: 4/5/2018) Guest: Steven Greenberg, MD, PhD, Professor of Neurology, Harvard Medical School Stroke is often thought of as a single event – a big thing that happens to someone’s brain and has lasting effects. But there’s a slower, more progressive form of stroke that entails tiny vessels in the brain leaking blood over time. Researchers now believe this kind of stroke is closely tied to rising rates of dementia in America.   The Untold Story of Anna Murray Douglass (Originally Aired: 3/28/2018) Guest: Leigh Fought, PhD, Associate Professor of History, Le Moyne College Frederick Douglass, famous escaped slave turned abolitionist and orator, was the most photographed man of his time. He sat for more than 160 portraits that we know of, and yet, there are only two known pictures of his wife, Anna Murray Douglass. But Anna Murray Douglass’s behind-the-scenes support helped make her husband the powerhouse he was.  How Stealing Fashion Ideas Fuels The Knock-Off Economy (Originally Aired: 3/5/18) Guest: Kal Raustiala, PhD, JD, Professor of Law, University of California, Los Angeles If you plagiarize a book, you’re in legal danger. If your song sounds too similar to another artist’s, you better watch out. But unlike books or music, fashion is one of the few creative industries without copyright protection. Knock-off designers can emulate the look of the big name-brands, without fear of copyright infringement.

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