Pocket-Size Stories

Pocket-Size Stories

The Apple Seed

  • May 26, 2016 6:00 pm
  • 56:01 mins
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Stories small enough to fit in your pocket! Stories included in this episode:  The Boy and the North Wind (01:04) Sam Payne tells a favorite Norwegian tale from childhood. The Creation (5:03) An short Iroquois story about a great big happening. To learn more about Josephe Bruchac's work visit josephbruchac.com Three Heavenly Gifts (8:12) A story about choosing and using gifts. To learn more about Len Cabral's work visit www.lencabral.com How the Rhinoceros Got His Skin (12:51) A traditional story from Rudyard Kipling's collection of "Just So" Stories. To learn more about Jim Weiss' work visit www.jimweiss.com Goldilocks and the Three Bears (19:49) A fresh take on a classic story. To learn more about Mark Binder's work visit markbinder.com The Soldier's Tale (26:08) Sam Payne shares a Russian folktale. The Wolf Who Cried Sheep (28:53) A twist on a classic moral tale. To learn more about Willy Claflin's work visit www.willyclaflin.com Mr. Fox (32:00) A spooky story from Jenni Cargill-Strong. www.storytree.com.au Old John and the Devil (36:18) A story about memory and besting the devil. To learn more about Charlotte Blake Alston's work visit www.charlotteblakealston.com Caterina the Wise (41:19) Caterina has lots of tricks up her sleeve and wisdom in her pocket. To learn more about Norah Dooley's work visit www.norahdooley.com King Solomon and the Smell of Bread (49:45) A good example of the wisdom of King Solomon. To learn more about Joel Ben Izzy's work visit storypage.com The Fox and the Cheese (53:15) Sam Payne shares a version of one his favorite Aesop's fables.

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